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FOR SALE: ADGEX’s ELFE Flashlight Powered by Earth’s Magnetic Field

It produces 120 Lumens, and you never have to change the battery, because the “Adgex Accumulator derives its energy from the Earth’s magnetic fields, from solar radiation, and from industrial and environmental electromagnetic noise.” It’s a bit pricey at 99 USD. (PESWiki; August 31, 2015) Continue reading

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Germany Builds A Solar City That Produces Four Times The Energy It Consumes [Video]

When it comes to clean energy, most people in green communities believe the future of power usage will be solar energy. Initially, such a belief would only be delegated to a dream given the fact that the first solar panels were arguably insufficient in proficiency. Continue reading

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JAXA beams solar energy from space to Earth with accuracy

The problem with gathering solar energy here on Earth via solar panels is that a lot of the energy that the sun produces doesn't make it through the atmosphere to the solar panels. Scientists have been working to design a method that would allow the solar panels to be in space where they have unfettered access to solar energy and Continue reading

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