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Why give "we could have stopped 9/11" any mileage? Our own Neocons implemented it!!

With the knowledge that 9/11 was an inside job, the question of stopping it becomes moot, because the very fox from which they are “protecting the hen house” is in charge of hen house security. Giving any mileage to “what we could have done to stop it” is a diversion from that key point Continue reading

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Jonah Bolt: 2016 Collective Presidency – Reclaim America: Free Energy, Water, Food & Education

NOTE: You can access context and links as you watch this interview. Jonah Bolt: 60% of Americans want 2016 Collective Presidency Third Party Ticket Continue reading

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It’s tea party versus tea party on solar energy proposal

A proposed ballot initiative to encourage solar energy use in Florida drew some attention when it was unveiled in January by having tea party activists among its leaders. But Tuesday, the Florida Faith & Freedom Coalition … Continue reading

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