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Family-sized Solar Car to Race in World Solar Challenge

Battery Technology | Electric Cars | Solar Power | Transportation Solar Team Great Britain has started a kickstarter page to help fund their design for entry in the 2017 World Solar Challenge. Founder Steven Heape leads a team of volunteers from many different disciplines, companies and universities working on a family-sized solar car to compete in the cruiser class. “Cruiser Class is about two or […] Continue reading

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Stellerator fusion proof-of concept device in German switched on and works

While this is great science, when it comes to practical energy, it’s a boondoggle for its cost and complexity. LENR will be much cheaper and will arrive much sooner, and will be soon able to power individual homes, whereas the Stellerator is very large and very expensive Continue reading

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Around the world on solar energy

The construction of an aeroplane is under way in Abu Dhabi, which will take its maiden flight around the world using solar energy without even a drop of fuel in its day and night flight to power its engine. Continue reading

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