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Ascent Solar Begins the Supply of Lightweight Flexible Solar Panels for the Commercially-Produced Silent Falcon™ …

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. , a provider of state-of-the-art, lightweight and flexible thin-film photovoltaic solutions, working closely with Silent Falcon™ U Continue reading

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Laser ‘Scribing’ to Increase Solar Cell Efficiency

Over the years, thanks to the devoted research work going on for increasing the efficiency of solar cells, today solar cells are no longer flat shaped or unyielding. Ultra thin film-type solar cells have now been manufactured which are quite flexible and adaptable for use in corners, curvilinear and other structures. Continue reading

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Artificial Electronic Super Skin – Powered By Stretchable Solar Cells

Zhenan Bao, Stanford researcher, is keen to create “Super skin.” Taking her previously created super-sensitive sensor a step ahead, she is now creating a super skin that will be self-powered with renewable clean solar energy. Bao and her team have designed polymer solar cells that are flexible and can be stretched to power the Read More.. Continue reading

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