Free Energy Step By Step Instuctions part 1

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Step by Step Instructions to building a Bedini-Imhotep fan for your free energy needs! View in High Resolution and full screen and with the volume up high to get full effect. Also dont be afraid to pause the movie as you are watching and download with firefox and its extension “download helper” Spread the love. When the power is out and the stores are closed and you cant get batteries use this device to charge normally cannot charge. alkaline,lead-acid,carbon-zinc can charge up to 10x without any problems. Any questions can be asked here or for more information visit : *********added note : i just realized today I have incorrectly spelled the Masters name. Bedini. I wish to extend my heartfelt apologies his way. I was very quickly making these videos and that typo had made it past the editing stage************

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  1. Energy says:

    Bedini, Imhotep, ladrones y estafadores!
    ¡que ganas de hacer perder tiempo a la gente!
    Además de un cargador de baterías inventaron el movimiento continuo, por si no se dieron cuenta. Merecen el Nobel de Física.

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