How to build a free source of energy?

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Ive decided i want to use my free time to build something useful like a solar powered energy generator, or wind powered turbine to produce free energy, does anybody out there know of any FREE sites that teach you step by step how to build any one of these? Also what are your thoughts on these machines?

Best reply by George:

look up hacking the phone jack outlet there is free source of energy.I know that is
not what you asked for but there is free energy in there.

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How to build a free source of energy?

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  1. Whisperer says:

    Backwoods Home Magazine has a disk, “Alternative Energy”; solar, wind, hydro, generator. Check with their web sight and see if you can obtain this disk. If not, contact me and I will send you mine for s/h + costs. This is where you should start and will give you the information you are looking for. okay?
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  2. Sonaly says:

    Of Course this is the one of the best site also if you want to download FREE e-book that Reveal some Saving Energy Secrets visit the sites below

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  3. Build either of these
    1. Solar powered generator
    2. Wind turbine
    3. Tidal flow turbine
    4. Magnetic generator
    5.geothermal energy source

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