How to build a free energy engine?

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I would like to find a way to build one of these engines free energy as famosos.Estaria willing to pay, can anyone help me?

Best reply by Bill:

What kind of free energy? Some “free energy engines” are hoaxes.

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How to build a free energy engine?

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  2. Brahaspati says:

    There is nothing like free energy.First study and understand Law of conservation of energy and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

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  3. Andrea says:

    I don’t know anything about Engines! I’ll have to ask my engineer bro about this! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  4. Neel says:

    People have been trying to build perpetual motion machines throughout history. Each and every one of them was a naive and deluded fool, including my romanian housemate who thought he had designed some amazing magnetic engine that would revolutionaise the world.

    Read some physics books and lure yourself away from this idiocy, instead try something easier like finding a cure for cancer.

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  5. linlyons says:

    they don’t work.
    but hey, it’s your money, have at it.
    or, take a physics class and learn why it’s impossible.
    that will be far more useful in the future.

  6. J. says:

    Depends on how you are defining free energy.

    Perendevs for example “Seem” to be free energy motor devices, but they are not. The magnets fail. And those who think or sell it as a free energy concept are ignoring the energy input that was required to produce the magnets initially, plus all the energy that went into constructing it.

    Now, there is some “free energy” Ask any Ham Radio operator who has multiple antennas. The “free energy” they are collecting is merely static electricity. It is theoretically possible to take that electricity and step it down by way of an ignition coil from a motor vehicle, attaching the wire to the high tension terminal. You would also want to wire a spark plug into the circuit to allow the magnetic field collapse in the coil thus providing a modest power from the terminal the distributor wire would normally have gone to. If you string out 100 feet or so of wire, in a dust storm, heavy pollen season, snow, and to a lesser extent rain: during those periods you WILL have an induced voltage that you will feel if you happen to touch the wire. Add that tot he spark plug idea outlined already, and you might be surprised. Don’t expect much though.

    Now some of that voltage picked up by those high towers many be induced from the RF hash that surrounds most of us each day. This can be demonstrated by taking some flourescent tubes under high tension AC power lines. You may need to trigger them initially with a little bit of silk rubbed on the tube. If you know who “ARC Attack” is- they use this principle all the time.

    Once you understand the physics you can sort out the frauds from the theoretically feasible, and you can then also figure out what principles are at work in the seeming plausible “free energy” arena. There are many charlatans out there still. They prey upon ignorance, and sleight of hand.

    If you have a powerline near you above ground, and you happen to have a conductive wire clothes line in it’s vicinity as well, if it is oriented correctly, you may be able to measure some current off both ends if strung correctly. It would be simply a transformer winding using the power line as the primary winding.

    Once you know how it can be done- and understand conservation of energy- you can spot the charlatans a long way off.

  7. Wolf says:

    Look up the word entropy (also called the Second Law of Thermodynamics). Entropy never decreases. This means that in order to get energy in a form that you can use, you have to put more energy in than you expect to get out. If you burn 100J of coal to produce steam to make electricity, then you will get less than 100J of electricity. That’s just a fact, so you can’t get free energy because you will always have to put more in than you get back.

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