How can I build a free energy device that actually works?

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I want to build a free energy device that produces more electricity than it uses. I have a few hundred dollars to work with. Someone please tell me about a small device that actually works. I want it smaller than 24″ so that it is easily portable. I want to demonstrate this device to a lot of people I encounter on a day to day basis.

Best reply by aviophage:

The French Office of Patents stopped accepting applications for perpetual motion machines in 1780. So I am sorry to have to tell you we are ‘way ahead of you. There is no such thing as a “free energy device” in the sense that you mean.

Run an internet search on “second law of thermodynamics.”

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How can I build a free energy device that actually works?

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5 Responses to How can I build a free energy device that actually works?

  1. Engineer says:

    Just copy what someone has already invented.
    A small windmill could turn a tiny generator to generate electricity.
    Solar panel

  2. Mark V says:

    If you take a 100′ length of copper wire, then its interaction with our magnetic field will create a barely measurable voltage. Not even a fraction of what it takes to power your digital watch, but measurable. The same basic principle as how an electric turbine works, except that Earth is your magnet.

    But that’s it for “free energy,” and it’s not even useful – and it’s the only machine that actually creates a voltage.

    There is no machine or device to capture free energy. Even if you don’t want to look up thermodynamics, consider that “matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed,” and the more folksy version, “You can’t get something from nothing.”

    Oh and if one of us DID know how to build one of these machines – I know that for myself, I would have already either started my own billion dollar business or sold the rights to the patent for a billion dollars.

    If free energy was real, would anyone be as worried about energy as we are?

  3. Bramble says:

    Just buy one of these small flexible solar cells you can use to charge your mobile phone. It would make a good demo of free energy (as long as you’re in sunlight) for your friends and it’s a lot smaller than 24 inches. However the technology level is too high for you to build one yourself.

    I notice other contributers often confuse “free energy” with “perpetual motion”. Whist the latter is definitely not on, there is lots of free energy around – wind and sunlight are not invoiced by anyone and if you’re lucky you might also be able to access a free water flow.

    EDIT : note to Mr Logic. Human power is rarely free. You have to eat more food if you excercise and food is normally not free.
    note to Mark V : of course there is free energy – nobody will send you a bill for the wind or the sun on the roof of your house. In a sense it’s all free – there’s just not enough easily available to meet humanity’s greedy needs without considerable expense to access and process it. You’d better stick to geology.

  4. Mr. Logic says:

    Free Energy – Energy that generate from a source which is available anywhere and anytime without to spend money

    Device – A “things’ that transform from one energy to another type of energy which useful for intented application.

    Free Energy Device. I will recommend to buy a dynamo which driven by Manual – Human Leg, hence generate electricty to light up your Playstation 2. You can excecise, yet you can play games concurrently.

  5. tusste says:

    It is impossible to make such a device, but you can build a solar panel. This transforms the light in electric energy and it doesn’t consume anything. This is the closest thing to your device. Follow my source link to find 2 DIY manuals about this thing.

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