free energy?

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i have been researching on the effects of magnetic repulsion. my main idea is using 4 magnets placed parallel each other so they can repel. they could be arranged in such a way that they would look like a windmill of some sort. as these magnets repel each other, the windmill turns. connected to an electric generator, they would provide energy, violating the second law of thermodynamics. thus, providing free energy.

please leave some criticisms below, because i need some clarification

Best reply by Mr. P:

There are many methods to provide perpetual motion machines – but none of them have worked.

Play about with them by all means – you may find the one that works!

The generator system I really like is the Radial flux generator.
Instead of magnets moving between coils to produce current, the coil is wrapped around a ring – as you would simply wind it around he edge.
Next C section inductors are arranged outside- leaving a gap in the centre.
An inductor wheel is then put inside these, with magnet poles arranged to provide flux first along the axis one way, then the other. this produces a heavy current in the coil – which has minimal losss because it follows the shortest route.
Thus a high power, low speed, non-contact generator is formed.

– Research Naval generators used on submarimes – they are very similar, but have excellent output and minimal losses.

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free energy?

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4 Responses to free energy?

  1. V.D says:

    First thing good idea.
    But wait you arrange the magnet in parralel then how can they be placed in the form of a wind mill if they are parralel.

    Second have you tried it in your house or somewhere else?

  2. neoga illinois says:

    its good to question because it stimulates thought. i dont think it will work but it seems like its worth investigating.

  3. Charles M says:

    You are assuming that this will work, which it won’t. Why does this thing keep turning? It can’t and it won’t because the magnets need to be switched on and off with different polarities in order to work. Of course, you will have to supply outside energy to do the switching, hence no energy is created, only consumed.

    Devote some time to actually trying these things and you will see that what seems to work in a dream isn’t how things work in reality.

  4. Fereydoun says:

    imagine two of your magnets repel each other. the magnetic force on both of them are exactly same but apposite of each other. therefore one magnet wants to rotate clockwise and the other wants to rotate anticlockwise and the total effect of this repelling has no effect on rotation of your wind mill.

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