Are free energy devices possible to build? Which will run forever?

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I would like to know if free energy devices are possible to build,Which will run forever.
Well tesla was first believed to have built such a device,And later on many scientists have also claimed to have built similar devices.
So what could be the source of energy behind it.

Best reply by Louis G:

There is no such device. Claims to have created one have been scams.

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Are free energy devices possible to build? Which will run forever?

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4 Responses to Are free energy devices possible to build? Which will run forever?

  1. silverbirch says:

    that’s a perpetual motion machine, which is impossible.

  2. Super something says:

    Aha! Good question.


    They are forbidden by some of the most fundamental laws of physics – namely thermodynamics – in particular the 1st and 2nd laws. The 1st is conservation of energy and the 2nd is about increasing disorder in a closed system.

    If you run a search on perpetual motion machines you’ll find a wealth of stories about such crackpot schemes. Start here There are people alive today in the US who claim to have invented perpetual motion machines. A wonderful book which discusses it is Voodoo Science. Regards…

  3. - says:

    This is a non-authoritative contrarian opinion . . .

    Excepting for the fact that any machine or device will eventually wear down, YES. Most people think thermodynamics says no, But energy is only conserved in a closed system. The universe is open at the quantum level. Proof of concept is casimir energy, which is often referred to as “zero point.” I would avoid the latter term as it tends to have a lot of quackery associated with it.

    From a practical perspective there are a couple devices that meet your intentions but are not technically “free energy.”

    A guy named Paul Brown built a device for his PhD in engineering. It was a tank circuit (a transformer and capacitor tuned to resonance) with a core of radioactive material. The device put out 7kw continuously and had a halflife in the millions of years. Full details for replication are available – if you can get your hands on the uranium :-) BTW his device was twice as efficient as “modern” nuclear reactors. Also, being based only on decay and not a reaction it was much safer. Unfortunately when he and a partner started a company to make them he had an ‘accident’ and died. His partner just happened to decide not to follow up with thier plans after that. A more simple device would be several tritium lights sandwiched between two solar cells. Tritium has a half life around 13 years though. Also there is a prototype chip that uses heat at the atomic level to generate electricity (think of atoms pushing a little lever up and down). If we get our nanotech down we might be able to build a casimir device in 10 or 20 years.

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